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Clare Bowditch & The New Slang : Dec 8 & 9

It‘s been a long time coming but Clare Bowditch‘s fourth studio album, Modern Day Addiction (out 13 August 2010), is very much worth the wait.

Modern Day Addiction is a contagious, satirical, yet heart-achingly tender album about humanity and "the eternal search for meaning" in a world of quick, delicious fixes. It stands as a companion on the journey for anyone who‘s ever asked the question "Surely there must be more?" followed by the statement "If so, great, I‘ll pop back for it once I‘ve finished reading this article about absolute-rubbish-that-somehow-has-me-transfixed-to-the-screen...everyone SHUT UP! I‘m concentrating..."

As Clare tells it (and who knows if she‘s telling the truth? Have you noticed how all her stories these days begin with "I woke up one morning"?)

"I woke up one morning and my heart was broken (just in the usual, everyday way) and all I wanted was a muffin, and a tall glass of combined coffee and Jagermeister, even though I was neither hungry, nor thirsty, which prompted the thought ’Hmm, how very interesting! Perhaps there‘s an album in here somewhere?‘ Thus began my extensive and exhaustive research-project into the topic of ’Everyday Addiction and the Human Condition‘. Oh the reading list was endless, I tell you, I‘ve barely left the local-newsagency since..."

In a most enjoyable and surprising way, Modern Day Addiction also aims to celebrate and question the modern world that produced it.

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