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James Morrison : 21 - 22 January 2009 | ALL SHOWS SOLD OUT

The Australian multi-Instrumentalist whose performed alongside the world's truly great symphony orchestras.

Welcome the Australian multi-Instrumentalist who has been guest performer with most of the world's truly great symphony orchestras and national radio bands of the UK, West Germany and other European and Middle Eastern nations: James Morrison. He's become a world jazz legend in his own lifetime; is yet to turn 50; is idol to fans in more countries than most people can name, regularly gives live performances in most of them; has co-performed and co-recorded in the last 23 years with many of the world's truly great jazz personalities and is respected by all of them for his talent.

James has also completed six Royal Command performances for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the Royal Family, and has played to Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush at National receptions in Canberra. His greatest audience, of several hundred million, was in 2000 when he was commissioned to compose and perform the Opening Fanfare of the Olympic Games in Sydney.

Sexy classical outfit Bojeme have also been announced as support for both nights, rounding out what will undoubtedly be a pair of unforgettable shows under the stars

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