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Tripod - A Tripod Christmas Show! : 17 - 18 December 2008 | ALL SHOWS SOLD OUT!

For the Love of God! A Tripod Christmas Show.

Tripod are doing a Christmas Show! Hoorah! What makes it Christmassy, you ask? Well, as long as Santa gets mentioned (tick) and Jesus (tick) and reindeer (tick) and baubles and that are in it (tick), who cares? And they've recorded a shiny new Christmas Album to go with it. The perfect stocking filler. A shameless plug? You betcha. Tripod - the three wise men of the new millennium, just 8 years late...

"These guys are good. These guys are great. These guys are jaw-hang-wide-open,-drool-slowly-drip-out brilliant" Herald-Sun, Melbourne

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