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26 August 2008 - Line up announce

Line up announce


Commencing November 4 2008 , The Quarry Amphitheatre, Reabold Hill, City Beach

Lloyd Events and Mellen Events proudly announce the Live At The Quarry follow-up series, in Perth's most intimate and scenic venue.

Live At The Quarry was first launched in February 2008, with an inaugural summer series comprising nine concerts in the Quarry Amphitheatre, a magnificent open air venue created from an abandoned quarry at Reabold Hill in City Beach, WA.

Following the initial success of Live At The Quarry, which saw Kate Miller-Heidke, Old Man River, James Morrison, Holly Throsby, The Black Sorrows and more play in the picturesque venue under the stars, Mellen Events and Lloyd Events have teamed together to bring you the 2008/2009 season.

Over the peak summer season at the Quarry Amphitheatre, the series will bring together Australia's finest performers with fresh local talent to provide the audience with an intimate experience that is quintessentially Western Australian.  Gourmet food, fine wine and even more tantalising refreshments are available to help event goers unwind on the terraced lawns prior to the performances and make the most of Perth's balmy summer evenings.



In 1986 Reabold Hill's abandoned quarry, which had not been used for eighty years, was re-opened as 'The Quarry Amphitheatre'. Surrounded by natural bush land, it offers panoramic views across the city to the Darling Range and provides an ideal setting for intimate concerts to small capacity audiences.


Here's a taste of what you can expect at Live At The Quarry 2008/2009: 



Paul Kelly performs his works alphabetically, without a single repeat over four nights!

Tuesday 4 - Friday 7 November 2008

Paul Kelly's A-Z shows consist of 100 songs in alphabetical order over four nights with no repeats. After performing these shows in Edinburgh and around Australia, he will be taking them to Perth for the first time.

Alone on stage with a guitar and a piano, he will work his way through his wide ranging catalogue, reinterpreting songs he's sung for years, re-claiming those covered by others and re-discovering lesser performed songs.  Each night his characters with their voices of heart, hurt and humour - angels, beggars, cheaters, drunks, ecstatics, fighters, gentlemen and heroines - will stalk your souls and dance on your hearts.

The Quarry Amphitheatre, Waldron Drive, City Beach WA.  Gates open 6pm.

Ticket Price: 1 night $62.20 plus transaction fee

2 nights $114.40 plus transaction fee

3 nights $151.60 plus transaction fee

4 nights $173.80 plus transaction fee

Available from BOCs   or (08) 9484 1133



For the Love of God!  A Tripod Christmas Show.

Wednesday 17/12/08 - The Quarry

Tripod are doing a Christmas Show! Hoorah!  What makes it Christmassy, you ask?  Well, as long as Santa gets mentioned (tick) and Jesus (tick) and reindeer (tick) and baubles and that are in it (tick), who cares?  And they¡¦ve recorded a shiny new Christmas Album to go with it.  The perfect stocking filler.  A shameless plug?  You betcha.  Tripod ¡V the three wise men of the new millennium, just 8 years late...

"one of the funniest things happening in Edinburgh right now.  Or possibly the world¡K there's hardly time to catch your breath in between bouts of uncontrollable laughter¡K these guys are unbelievable musicians too. Sometimes five stars just aren't enough¨  The Scotsman, Edinburgh

"These guys are good. These guys are great. These guys are jaw-hang-wide-open,-drool-slowly-drip-out brilliant¡" Herald-Sun, Melbourne

The Quarry Amphitheatre, Waldron Drive, City Beach WA.  Gates open 6pm.

Ticket Price: $42.90 plus transaction fee

Available from BOCs  or (08) 9484 1133



The Australian multi-Instrumentalist whose performed alongside the world's truly great symphony orchestras.

Wednesday 28/1/09 - The Quarry

Welcome the Australian multi-Instrumentalist who has been guest performer with most of the world's truly great symphony orchestras and national radio bands of the UK, West Germany and other European and Middle Eastern nations: James Morrison.

He's become a world jazz legend in his own lifetime; is yet to turn 50; is idol to fans in more countries than most people can name, regularly gives live performances in most of them; has co-performed and co-recorded in the last 23 years with many of the world's truly great jazz personalities and is respected by all of them for his talent.

James has also completed six Royal Command performances for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the Royal Family, and has played to Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush at National receptions in Canberra.  His greatest audience, of several hundred million, was in 2000 when he was commissioned to compose and perform the Opening Fanfare of the Olympic Games in Sydney.

The Quarry Amphitheatre, Waldron Drive, City Beach WA.  Gates open 6pm.

Ticket Price: $62.70 plus transaction fee

Available from BOCs   or (08) 9484 1133



'Truth, Beauty & A Picture of You - The Best of The Whitlams' - Greatest Hits tour.

Friday 30/1/09 - The Quarry

The Whitlams are one of Australia's favourite bands, whose appeal reaches audiences of all ages and tastes. And after six studio albums, three of which are Platinum and two Gold, the time is ripe for The Whitlams' "Best of". Released this August, "Truth, Beauty & A Picture of You" The Best of The Whitlams¡¦ is a comprehensive look at the amazing journey of the ARIA award winning band, from scrappy beginnings and tragedy to the success and stability of recent years. Tim Freedman describes: "It's a mixture of the popular and the narrative. I decided to leave a few singles off because I wanted to tell the story of The Whitlams, and include more early songs and songs that describe the dramas in our history." 

The Whitlams return to WA as a muscular four piece, a line up that has now been together for 9 years - comprising of Tim Freedman, Warwick Hornby, Terepai Richmond and Jak Housden.

The Quarry Amphitheatre, Waldron Drive, City Beach WA.  Gates open 6pm.

Ticket Price: $57.20 plus transaction fee

Available from BOCs   or (08) 9484 1133  Presented by Lloyd Events and Mellen Events

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